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Light of Life

Light of Life

In the darkest days on earth, when shadows made the love unseen, 
without a fire to light up skies and remove the veils of lies and sin.

We lived in despair, and maybe we forgot that fear. It may be we killed these tears.
Even desires for slightest rays of light may be allayed to hide our own destructive pride. 
For light exposes it. It is to chase away and kill its darkest spirit.

But prophets spoke, like birds announce the coming sun: 
"Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, He will be called Immanuel." 
The One who was and is and is with all who love the Lord more than the darkness.

And at first light He came, the Light of lights became a Man. 
The God of suns and moons and stars appeared in flesh on earth and land.
To flood the dark with light of life, of love and truth and endless wonder.

And those who seek and follow Him will have the Light of life forever.